Sunday, December 29, 2013


A "Grave Secret" [brought to you by The New Detectives - and boy, does this show know how to piss somebody off!]

Oh boy.

This bitch done put a disturbance in MY Force for the rest of the day, taking the (BS) "honest" word of a IMO total stranger regarding her son - especially when the stepdad was always at your son's throat all the time"!

It's like the mother sat on her happy ass and thought to herself "HMMMM.....would it be better to be known as just a waste of flesh, or a WORTHLESS waste of flesh - both are nearly identical.  I'll take the latter".

She might have not a hand in the actual murder, but she did invite this FUGLY man into the house around her kid, which the majority of American single mothers are quick to do in this day and age.

 Convicted sex offender?  Multiple-child molester?  What the fuck is a background check, $20 is just WAY too much to spend to kinda assure my child's safety.  Fuck THAT shit, THIS sissy knows how to treat a woman - and MY happiness is way more important than my son's safety!  Plus I get a free perm out of the deal every month, when my husband gets his appointments, too!".

Good thing they didn't give the name of that bitch or Scott Sidious would be dialing her ass up right now, and I don't care if I wake her ass out of bed.  GOOD!  SEVENTEEN YEARS behind bars.  For murder of a teenage boy.  Are you fucking serious?  Wipe the both of them out.  And any children they had since the murder, all vermin.  

Endless misery and woe to the entire lot of THIS pathetic excuse for a "family".

I'm fair like that.

And music was NEVER my calling - True crime, on the other hand, IS.  I can only get out a little amount of aggression and my badass little attitude problem with the former, and everything I got (and fucking THEN some) with the latter.  

I'm just WAY too much for most people - including my own damn self!  A shame I don't have an identical twin, would be nice if there was more of me and my "hysterically assertive" (as a former political blogger rival once called me and where I swiped the nickname from!) attitude to spread around.