Monday, December 23, 2013


There's a reason why I put off setting up the tree until the last few days before Xmas.  Feline drama ensues.......

No sooner than 30 minutes after setting up the tree on Sunday, who else but Isis decides to climb the pre-lit tree.  I don't call her "Nosey" for nothing!  Apparently her claws were getting stuck in the branches because she started hissing and bitching.  Making matters worse, her arch-enemy Chloe was standing below the tree.  The queen of the house, Athena, starts bitching and complaining at Isis in the tree.

When Isis finally jumps out, Chloe takes off chasing Isis into "her room", Isis screeching and hissing all the way.  Athena wasn't having it, so she takes off chasing after Chloe, who was chasing Isis, and whoops her ass in that room.  Chloe retreats with Athena chasing behind, into the computer room, where Chloe receives another ass-whooping, and back into the living room for yet another ass-whooping, and Chloe was the one doing the screeching.

Minnie stayed out of all the drama and behaved with that Sponge Bob I'd given to her.

Aside from The Clone Wars and Investigation Discovery, who the hell needs TV with these four?

I'll attempt to add the ornaments later today - if they'll leave them alone!