Thursday, December 26, 2013


Not quite the big sellers like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Q*Bert were - but Data East's fast-paced 1982 hysterical game Burgertime is considered just as much of a retro early 80's classic as all the others.  The arcade cabinets of Burgertime were few, far and in between - I'd only played it on arcade one time around when it was first released, at some little hole in the wall burger/milkshake joint (and aside from their jukebox, was the ONLY coin-operated machine in that little dining room! LOL

This is THE 1982 original arcade port of Burgertime, which was included on the kinda hard-to-find Playstation 1 collection called MIDWAY PRESENTS - THE MIDWAY COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 (includes six other arcade titles, including Joust II and Spy Hunter).  I'm not all that used to playing Burgertime on PS2, much less with the PS2 controller (arcade joystick/buttons best on this game!) - and with those limitations, I'm surprised I at least got as far as Level 3 (when Mr. Pickle joins Mr. Hot Dog and Mr. Egg on the chase after your chef!