Friday, December 27, 2013


I guess my little Steve Wilkos Show marathon was a LITTLE TOO MUCH for these two.  All that screaming and hollering and chair throwing Wilkos gets up to is right up my alley and pretty much equal to softcore porn in my book (NOT in the case of his guests on the stage, nasty pedo's, male AND female for about 80% of them, for real - I'm talking about their come-uppance from Mr. Wilkos that gets me all hot and bothered!), so they can deal or take a nap LOL!!  They'd MUCH rather be on that assortment of fresh, clean blankets I'd washed for them last night (preferably right out of the clothes drier).

The funny thing is when Chloe first shown up on the balcony at the old apartments in Fort Worth, and for many years after, at night Chloe would sleep in another room, usually on a sofa or soft chair by herself.  In the past year or so, I'd take a power nap, open my eyes at some point, and there would be Chloe within inches of my face, curled up next to me.  Ain't that something!  And now when it's bedtime, Minnie's had her spot in her kitty bed right next to me since she was a tiny baby, shared blanket and all, so that seat's taken.  On their side of the bed with the covered pillows (SPOILED-ASSES!), she'll sleep at the mid-point or foot of the blankets.

Chloe used to not let me pick her up at all, kicking and scratching with her hind leg claws, which are much sharper than her front paws, leaving my arm looking like I'd stuck my hand in the garbage disposal or something!  NOW - I can pick her up for a few seconds and even give her kitty kisses all over the face and ears, even though her eyes are squinted and looks like she's praying "PLEASE let this be over with soon!".  As long as I pat her back or head as I'm lowering her back to the ground, she won't kick or scratch.  And then for the next 30 minutes, she won't leave me the fuck alone.  Unless I give her some crack, AKA Temptations treats, then she'll get out of my hair.

Ain't ONE person on this planet that can honestly say I don't spend quality time with these four heathens!


STILL the most fascinating viral video of 2013.  Partly because rhubarb is my most-used vegetable (NOT fruit, as I once thought) when baking - if you hang with me and never had rhubarb before, I'll hook you up and you'll be addicted - especially with strawberries or raspberry (red) baked with rhubarb.  I even own a book from a many-fruit/berry series, called The Joy Of Rhubarb!