Sunday, December 1, 2013


Pac-Man World Rally for Playstation 2 is the only video game I'd ever made a point to be at the store (this case, Best Buy) at opening time on "new release day" (every Tuesday).  

The first BB location in Arlington didn't get in any copies but the one on South Cooper got in a couple.  So I had to do some racing myself to book it to the second-closest Best Buy and gotten my hands on one of their only two copies of PMWR! LOL!!

It was worth the wait; I'd originally seen the pre-release trailer for PMWR as an extra on the PS2 game Pac-Man World 3.  Ever since I'd first watched the trailer, I'd kept an eye out for the release date, which I recall had gotten postponed from the original-said street date.  

Here's the 4th (of 5) main races in Pac-Man World Rally:  The Classic Cup.  

Each course is based on a classic Namco title:  Galaga, Katamari and of course the original Pac-Man.

Ever since I've had the game (and haven't played in at least two years), I've always and only raced as Junior Pac-Man.  His "racing pod" is the right weight how I like to fly through the laps as quickly as possible.

And I'm pretty sure this version is no longer available, PS2 is a thing of the past and now for retro gamers.  But a PC version was made, too.