Sunday, December 1, 2013


She probably "talks" the most, out of all four of them - it must be a Tabby kitty thing, because a friend of mine had an adult female striped Tabby just like Minnie, named "Miss T" and she'd "meow-talk" you back and forth to death LOL  

And for some reason this morning, Minnie just couldn't STFU about whatevah she was trying to tell me!  She had food. her little "bed" where she sleeps every night beside me was ready to go, plenty of water, and they even got their rare treat of splitting a can of cat food this morning, too!  (I try to keep them on dry, canned is a treat every week or two).  

Minnie's gotten to be like a cute little bowling ball with kitty ears and a tail - doesn't eat any more than the other three, her problem is she naps full-time.

Speaking of which, she's getting jealous - here's her "today" pix: