Thursday, December 12, 2013


I can appreciate Tommy Sotomayor for his ability to royally piss off a segment of the American population - been there, done that, and I'm surprised the kookoo's at Exodus International or one of those other con-artist "reparative therapy" haven't yet paid a sniper to put a hit on me to this day (AKA "I'll suck your dick to cure your sexual orientation!!  It REALLY works!!") kinda guys that'll rob you blinder than a bad trick and when you don't put out, will be found out on your ass for defying their special little cult comprised of some of the most "SPECIAL" (and FLAMING!!)  people you'll ever meet in your lifetime.  With all you and/or your parents  already paid them, you won't get no Greyhouse bus ticket back home or whererever your next destination is.

I done my part chipping away at them for about three years until all the political BS bout done gave me a nervous fucking breakdown, and was when I pretty much retired from all that.  I've got better things to do, and besides - Exodus International, Alan Chambers, Randy and that obvious baby he was pregnant with, and the rest of that group as of 2013 has fallen..

"And ALL our enemies.......will fall."

In Tommy's case, his expertise are the "hair-hatted hooligans" AKA narcissistic black "mothers" whose kids look destitute while she's going around with a fresh (OMG GROSS!!) perm, leaving her kids out in the car in the summer while she shops for weave, easy single "mothers" moving in a pedophile around her kids so she can go out "clubbin", among other unscrupulous things that can happen when a careless "mother" is given main custody of the children.

Aside from all the controversy and rants, Tommy's also had some moments so hilarious, I had to go back and watch the report a 2nd, even 3rd time.  It's not often Tommy loses it while on the camera, but when he's cracking up uncontrollably, it's the same case with me watching him because some of the news reports he finds are just fucking ridiculous.

Like these 3 favorites of mine from his many YouTube channels.......

This first story here, I'd LOVE to see re-enacted on one of those "dumbest criminals" shows - have a tall drag queen act her part, running through the park in stiletto's or something high-heeled LMAO!!