Monday, December 16, 2013


A lot of those Ramen-like soup bowls are pretty bland or copycat, but I've ordered a 6 pack of Annie Chun's kimchi noodle soup and liked it so much, I've ordered three more packs since.  It's similar to Ramen, except the noodles are cooked and vacuum packed, each in a microwavable bowl/lid.  Rinse the noodles to loosen them up, add with water, and two packets - one with dehydrated/dried kimchi and other ingredients and the other packet with the red chili/kimchi base sauce.  Microwave for 90 minutes.  Definitely the spiciest make-at-home Korean noodle soup I've ever tried and as long as it doesn't ever get discontinued, I'll be a return customer.

Annie Chun Kimchi soup @ Amazon

I'd only once tried the "sheet" style seaweed snacks before (another brand), which were unflavored, not good at all and got trashed.  I'd heard so many great compliments about the different flavored seaweed snacks on the Annie Chun Facebook page, that I'd given the wasabi style a try.  Those didn't go into the garbage.  In fact, that one package was finished in a day! LOL  So I'll be on the lookout for these, even though Tom Thumb locally doesn't carry much of the product.  Maybe if I talk to a manager, they might get a better variety than just miso and that crap I don't care for.  

Annie Chun wasabi seaweed snacks @ Amazon