Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A couple years ago, Mr. Ghetto shocked pretty much the entire planet when he released THE most ratchet music video since Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back":  a so-called "New Orleans Bounce" style, talking bout how E-Z the women AND men who shop @ Wal-Mart in a nutshell resemble.  

It's not like Wal-Mart hasn't had former employees who also moonlighted on the night shift as a hooker in their bathroom, among other disgusting, illegal (shake & bake meth bottles) and other promiscuous activity around the store at all locations countrywide.  

Tig ol bitties flopping around after both girls rip each other's shirts off in the shoes aisle (and neither had the courtesy to wear a bra or something NASTY BITCHES!! LOL.

My opinion on Mr. Ghetto is this:  recognizing a fellow heathen when I see one, I like the guy.  His beats and repetitive lines are fun and I don't believe he takes himself seriously.  

There's no shame in Mr. Ghetto's game and like Ol' Dirty Bastard had done for me when he was alive, he makes me laugh at his over-the-top videos and lyrics.  He'll never hit the big time, I don't think - but could probably reach the level of 90's acts like Quad City DJ's or one of the many Miami Bass rappers, and have lots of clubplay but not much if any radioplay.

I had to compile a 3-video tribute to the New Orleans King of Ratchetness - Mr. Ghetto.

1:  WAL-MART:  In the rare case you haven't seen his original hit single/video yet, this is what started his international infamy.  

2:  JAILHOUSE BOUNCE:  Mr. Ghetto's sequel to "Wal-Mart" and I'd seen it first a couple months ago even though it's been out for about a year already.  Twice as hysterical as the first one - that girl rubbing that letter to send out against her.......

3:  LOONEY TUNE BOUNCE:   I never should have waited until today to finally watch one of his most recent videos for the first time.  NOR should have I been drinking coffee at that moment.  After the first couple notes of the intro music, I had coffee all over my monitor and couldn't stop laughing at all the ridiculousness I was witnessing LOL!!  Well worth the wait, thanks for the laugh, Mr. Ghetto.  But you're going to have to clean my monitor off NEXT time!.

BEYOND heathen.  Mr. Ghetto's MY kinda guy! LOL