Wednesday, December 11, 2013


"I tell you what, bitch.  Come join me, we'll get a crack rock, get a fifth of liquor and we can SMOKE all god damn night and be up past daybreak, but we gonna be some broke bitches!!"  --- PROPECIA

I'd never heard of The Damn Show's alleged "crack whore" actress Propecia until after her passing.  

Whether or not Propecia REALLY was a crack user, her character was beyond convincing.  Having lived in Orlando, FL for approx two years, and me being from one of the smallest towns in the country imaginable, I'd met an entire new spectrum of people I'd never been around the previous 21 years.  From crack cocaine and heroin addicts to mid/post-op transgendered men-turned-women (hilariously, one of them was straight and only interested in women - for whatever fucked-up reason he wanted to be a female as well.  

WHATEV - HIS biz not mine.  As long as I don't have to get anything sliced off, have a field day with Darth Vader-ing your own body on your own accord LOL

And Propecia was almost identical to a couple women I knew from hanging out in downtown Orlando who was into rock, and I'm not talking about the music.  Unfortunately before I'd left Orlando, one of them had became pregnant and claimed she was quitting the habit.  Whether she did or not, no idea.

Propecia is the real deal - about as real and laid-back as an improv actress as I've ever seen.  R.I.P.