Friday, December 13, 2013


Talent runs in the Payne family.  Four years before Scherrie Payne was hired by Mary Wilson as the new lead singer of The Supremes in 1974, she was in the group The Glass House on the Invictus/Hot Wax labels, as well as her older (Scherrie made a point to say this on the Mike Douglas show once LOL) sister, Freda Payne.  

Both acts were on the Invictus label and in 1970, Glass House had their biggest hit "Crumbs Off The Table".  Solo artist Freda Payne had much better luck, with her biggest hit "Band Of Gold", among two or three more successful singles from her first effort on Invictus.  

"Band Of Gold" was a decent single IMO, but I prefer "Deeper and Deeper" much better, and just as good performed live.  

Trivia:  If you've seen Nutty Professor 2, Freda was the older flirtatious lady in the bar scene, talking with Mr. Klump about his bewildering relationship with Janet Jackson.


The Supremes featuring Scherrie Payne (1975):