Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Something I transferred/edited from VHS:

You can't blame Ace for staying wasted throughout the entire Dynasty (AND Unmasked) tour - his partner in crime, Peter Criss, was twice as bad as himself at the time (Criss' vice being cocaine).  Gene having to lead Peter onto the stage by the hand, and messing up at the drumset several times.  The only good thing I can say about the Dynasty tour is that it was a good idea at a bad time (they had lots more planned, special effects and all), but I like how they performed one song from each KISS solo LP from the previous year.

I also have a couple Viewmaster reels from this tour!

After all THIS mess, Peter Criss was given the pink slip and replaced with the far more competent drummer, Eric Carr.  Ace hung around for another couple years before he left the group, too.

And for the record, no pun intended, Dynasty gets marked off as a "disco album" by people solely based on the hit single "I Was Made For Loving You", when there's more to the album than just that.  It's flashier and polished rock but not all disco, for sure.