Sunday, August 11, 2013


Because I've been carrying a camera since elementary school age, I have a ton of prints/negatives from over the years, as well as newspaper clippings, programs from marching band contests, movie/concert tickets and things of that sort, I've taken an interest in scrapbooking.  Trying to organize all that a little, and tell a story here & there with whatever's on the page(s).

A finished scrapbooking page here is one of Chloe, my first rescue kitty.  She shown up, of all places, on the old apartment balcony in fall of 2001.  Some friends and I were having drinks and I kept hearing this meowing - the scene on the TV show was a dark alley, so I just assumed it was a sound effect of an alley cat.  But when the commercials came on, the meowing continued.  I walk over to the balcony and see this tortoise shell kitten with her paws against the sliding door, continuing to meow.  And you know me, I let her right through the door, and Athena (who was a little over a year old at this point) didn't seem to mind, as she hadn't seen another cat since I adopted her little heathen ass the year before.

The tortie kitten was hungry, so I fed her and immediately gave her a bath - which surprisingly she didn't bitch and complain, unlike SOME badass kitties I know!  I noticed she didn't like being picked up, and would kick and scratch and want down.  She also, unlike Athena, didn't like to be covered up with a blanket.  Judging from how she reacted, even though she was as friendly as could be, it seemed she was either abused or was rough-housed by kids.

The next morning, I'd made a "FOUND" flier with tear-off tabs with my number and brought it to the apartment's post office message board and tacked it up.  I returned to the apartment, spun around, marched BACK to the post office and torn the flier down.  Forget THAT, even if she was wearing a collar with no tag, I wasn't about to hand her back to an abusive or rough environment.  Fuck THAT  she's MY kitty now.

And she's been a member of the family ever since.  Oh, and about that kicking and clawing when picked up - no longer a problem.  In fact, I can now pick her up and give her kitty kisses all over the face - even if she's got her eyes all squinted like "DEAR GOD LET THIS BE OVER SOON!!".  I'll put her back down and she's not freaked out at all LOL  Sometimes if I take a power nap during the daytime, she'll join me - so we've came a long way since 2001.

Chloe's now the self-appointed security cat and for SOME reason always has Isis on her "chase" radar!  She'll chase Isis into "her room", and Isis chases her right back - like I've said before, they're like ChompChomp and Sour Puss from the Pac-Man cartoon!