Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hate him or love him, Vinnie Vincent's by default my #2 "guitar hero", after Ace - of course!!

And Ace and Vinnie are apples and oranges.  Ace plays and sounds like a 70's rocker and hasn't changed much to this day - exactly why he was unhappy towards the late 70's.  Gene and Paul wanted to go all out with the tours, shows, costumes, and weird ideas like the concept LP Music From 'The Elder' from 1981, while Ace just wanted to keep it simple, stupid.

Vinnie's mostly a shredder, speed guitar player, whatever you wanna call it.  One of the most aggressive players I've ever seen and heard, and allegedly just as aggressive in the studio.  Like when he gets aggravated with his guitar, throws it on the floor, whips it out and lets loose on that poor instrument!  Done his fair share of songwriting on Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up (from 1982-83), and steered KISS in the right direction for the decade.  And then in the early 90's, helped Gene with some songwriting on the KISS album Revenge.      

After KISS, he formed the Invasion which included singer Mark Slaughter on their 2nd and last LP.  

LOL Vinnie's playing techniques are almost mesmerizing to watch, one of a kind.