Sunday, August 11, 2013


Freda Payne (older sister of Supreme, Scherrie Payne) performing two of my favorite Invictus Records hits: "Rock Me In The Cradle (Of Your Loving Arms)" and "Deeper and Deeper", live, and joined by show host/Motown alumni Barbara McNair on "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?".

BIIIIG problem:  Why are all those white folks just SITTING there like knots on a log, looking totally clueless?  Yes, it's a black woman.  Yes, it's a TALENTED black woman.  YES, it's a talented black woman in a miniskirt and gogo boots.  Who the fuck cares?  Did that make you all catatonic in 1971ish?  I hate them all, I'd be outta my seat and enjoying the performance, fuck 'em!

But this is coming from a person who acted a heathen fool at a Diana Ross & The (70's) Supremes concert in 2000!  I was there to see Scherrie Payne, NOT Diana, anyway!  I'd always wanted to see KISS in makeup with Ace Frehley - got that one.  And I'd always wanted to see The Supremes live, in ANY incarnation, as long as Scherrie Payne was included - got that too.

All these ratchet bitches calling themselves a "Diva" have obviously never heard of Freda Payne.  Or Barbarba McNair, for that matter.  Nicki Minaj, with her Janice from the Muppets lips!  She can go to hell, and DO forget to write!

(VHS transfer)