Monday, August 12, 2013


A second mini-documentary on the Corll/Henley/Brooks case, a follow-up to one posted a few days ago.  This is cut from The Killing Of America documentary, featuring this case as well as the eerily similar John Wayne Gacy case in Chicago, ending in 1978.

Like the Jeffrey Dahmer case, one of the main things that attracted me to the Corll/Henley/Brooks case in Houston from the early 70's was the so-called "police" ignorance, dumbfuckery and pure laziness - and unfinished business as far as I care in the Corll case, with obvious OTHER victims that have yet to be searched/most likely dug up at that area of the beach, as well as Corll's family's candy store property.  They won't take the time to do a little more digging, but they WILL, however, get into a goddamn argument with a Krispy Kreme employee, demanding free donuts (true story - not necessarily in Houston!!).

And I'll bet your ass ten dollars to a fucking donut that if it was THEIR son or daughter who may possibly be a buried victim, they'd be out there digging, even if he/she only had a fork at their disposal to do the excavating!  You're paid to do police work, not paid to be pussies scared of a few dead bodies.

Case in point:  Recently while rummaging through Henley's belongings, that hadn't been touched since his arrest (ANOTHER police overlook!), researching for the upcoming film on Corll/Henley/Brooks, a polaroid of an obvious victim was found - but wasn't included in the excavated body count of victims.  Who the boy is, when and if he was killed by Corll or Henley, is still a mystery.  The boy is obviously terrified and handcuffed to Corll's "torture board".  Un-fucking-believable how lazy the Houston police work was and obviously still is.  They can burn in hell for their slothishness.

As horrible of a person Wayne Henley is, I kinda like his Tey-ux-uss accent LOL!!  One of the heaviest Texan accents I've ever heard.