Saturday, August 31, 2013


Funny how the unreleased cut "Dance Fever", recorded in 1974-75, along with that assortment of producers on their 1975 LP The Supremes, turned out to be in fact NOT fully mixed.  The several generation shared unreleased cut was only 2:20 long, and I thought it was just a short throwaway from the recording sessions.  But when listening to Volume 2 of the 70's Supremes boxed set, "Dance Fever" fades out around 2:20, then the guitar and harmonica begins playing, beginning a second half to the song.  

That was a pleasant surprise to hear "Dance Fever", when fully mixed, is TWICE as long as the fan-circulated copy many of us had heard for years.  Thanks again to that Hippo for finding and completely mixing that one for us!