Friday, August 16, 2013


"I like John Walsh and what he does, but I think he'd accepted Ottis Toole's confession without looking into his patterns, which included zero kid victims. I'd NEVER take the word of a certified retarded hillbilly with half his teeth missing. I don't believe it was him who kidnapped/killed Adam Walsh, don't buy it."  

--- Me.

And I DO feel somewhat personally invested in the Adam Walsh case, especially since his kidnapping was used as OUR "boogeyman" when I was a kid around that time.  Adam and I were about the same age, and he was kidnapped as he was doing something I most likely would have been doing at that Sears, too - playing the new Atari games with some other kids.

I've even volunteered that if it were possible, I would have taken Adam's place.  For the fact Walsh had obviously great parent's, he was an only child, and it's rare I say this, but the Walsh family ARE stable enough and worthy of being parent's.  Those two were truly robbed of a deserved parenthood.  In my opinion, most people should just get a dog or cat, and even then, I really don't trust them! LOL!!!

JUST get some fucking sea monkey's and call THAT good, PLEASE!!!

To view the video I'm referring to, CLICK HERE (PutLocker link)

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