Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A little of everything from 2000-2003, especially the balcony at the old apartment in Fort Worth I'd have decorated for Halloween, ready to go in September, WAY early!  Because the balcony faced the only way to drive into/leave the complex, the apartment manager always asked me to decorate for the different holidays, and so I did - not so much the others as I'd get into Halloween, of course!

I'll keep them in order by year, starting with 2000.....

Athena's 1st Halloween......she's enthralled with Big Mouth Billy Bones or whatever the hell his name is!


Even the effing GHETTO like the Eastchase area was/still is can be made to look a little nice!


Athena's just as enthusiastic about Halloween as I am, she beat me to a box of the decorations!

AND for good measure, something from 1983ish: