Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'd edited out this segment from a longer documentary, a detailed segment of one of the true crime hot topics of the year - the early 70's Houston neighborhood massacre involving Dean Corll, Wayne Henley and David Brooks - which had many similarities to the John Wayne Gacy case when he was arrested in  Chicago in 1978.  Except hidden in a crawlspace, the victims were first buried in a storage unit and when that got too full, began burying at the beach and other locations.

Because Henley shot dead the ringleader, the older Dean Corll, many questions will never be answered - specifically the possibility of victims BEFORE Henley and Brooks joined Corll as accomplices and procurers of young victims.  After reaching nearly 30 bodies, the lazy investigation called it quits and ceased searching for other victims that may have been buried.  Apparently they missed at least one, because a body of an obvious victim of those three had been discovered at a beach in 1983.  When Corll was working at his family's candy factory, he'd been seen cementing over what he called "spoiled candy".  Ever heard of a DUMPSTER?!?

Most of the victims were identified and many from the same community ("The Heights" in Houston), but some had no identifications or dental records to match.  Over the years, with DNA testing improvements, and skull-facial reconstruction molds, the majority found their name and got a proper burial.  Only one I think is still yet to be identified.  His personal effects found with the body are shown in the photo - the swimming trunks, giving evidence he was likely killed in the summertime.  Unbelievable how they can reconstruct what the skull of the person looked like when he/she was living, kinda creepy!  Even CREEPIER when that was done with Gacy's victims because the reconstructions looked like MANNEQUINS!

Strangled/shot (or both!), wearing cowboy boots and colorful swimming trunks.  What a way to go.