Saturday, August 10, 2013


A compilation I'd made of Jabba's famous laugh - next to Ace Frehley's famous cackle, my all-time favorite laugh.  Jabba's laugh is so effective, it can sometimes snap me outta a bad mood! LOL!!

I used to not like Rush Limbaugh, but upon hearing that he's obviously fluent in Huttese, he won some "cool points" with me.  And he's also obviously a fan, having at least two speaking roles in the Family Guy/Star Wars trilogy.  I'd like to know his opinion of the Prequel trilogy!


I had this girl audition to replace Oola as Jabba's new dancer!  Unfortunately the only audience we could find is some small town church and their humiliated deacon.  

Poor girl won't stand a chance as an action figure - like SOME previous figures of infamous Jabba dancers!

Hey, I LIKED the Yarna figure!  R.I.P. Claire Davenport.

Am I the only one who noticed that in the Special Edition of Return Of The Jedi, the scene when Oola is tugging at the chain, arguing with Jabba: on the original version of the film, Yarna is standing at the side of the dance floor, scolding Jabba, and then throws her hands on her hips and stands there with attitude LOL!!  I'm not shitting you, watch the movie!  When Oola is released into the trap door and falls to the Rancor's pit, Yarna was also laughing, and slapping her 3 racks, similar to what humans with only ONE set of hooters would call a "belly laugh".  All that stuff was removed in the Special Edition but can clearly be seen in the widescreen version of Jedi.