Sunday, August 18, 2013


While the remainder of the original Last House On The Left randomly sends me into near panic attacks (similar to how religious kooks were panicking, fainting, even dying while viewing The Passion Of The Christ - except the acting, ESPECIALLY David Hess as Krug, was WAAYYY more believable in Last House) there IS one bright spot halfway through the movie that I'll get to in a minute.

Even if the story is fiction by classic horror titan's Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham, I'm myself into American true crime and have been for many years, and what happened to Mari and Phyllis very well COULD happen and HAS happened and all over the country, and everywhere else.  Those four punks weren't made-up monster's like Freddy and Jason - they were psychopathic felon's, narcissistic heroin addicts and 100% punks and I hated all four of them.  Funny story, the actress who played Sadie had said after seeing Last House in the theater at the premier, a little girl walked up to "Sadie" after seeing the film and plainly said "I hate you." LOL!!!

There is ONE spot in the film where you can relax and laugh a little, and that's when you meet Ada (who in real life was the nanny for one of the crew member's kids).  And coming from a small town, myself, and having a SEETHING hatred of sloth-ish, lazy, do-nothing, unscrupulous and in many cases, INBRED smalltown "cops", I am EXTREMELY envious of Ada's indirectly violent way of humoring their asses of donut lard!  When those two's big asses flown off the front of the hood and tumbled to the ground, I would have effing GUNNED that sheeit!  PEEL OUT!!

YOU GO, BIG MAMA - YOU MY HERO!!  Now get you some new teef, gull!

I've been chatting with the guy responsible for the upcoming vinyl LP/CD/EVEN CASSETTE reissues of David Hess' Last House On The Left soundtrack.  Hess was the soundtrack's minimalist musician, composer, songwriter AND singer on a few of the music cues too, who unfortunately passed away about a year ago.  Good to see his fanbase is keeping this overlooked gem in print!  I have the original soundtrack and sometimes sync it on my iPod if I want some instrumentals with acoustic guitar, strings and double-reed woodwinds.

Being mostly a double-reeder (I taught myself bassoon, as well as sax and clarinet), I really liked how Hess used English horns and oboes quite a bit in his minimalist instrumentation, along with acoustic guitar and sometimes his vocals.  To me, it's just as good and effective as Halloween, F13, and Elm Street's soundtracks.  R.I.P. Mr. Hess.

Here's a little soundtrack montage I thrown together as a tribute to his music from Last House, including three of my favorite music cues.  On the first cut I used here, "Wait For The Rain", that would be Hess singing.  And Hess played the evil ringleader of the four, Krug (a shortened "Krueger", which Craven later used as Freddy's last name - didn't know that, huh? ;) LOL)