Monday, August 26, 2013


Filoni's been teasing the Clone Wars fans with small clips of arc's meant for season 6 before it was cancelled, and will later be released as "bonus content".  Whatevah THAT'S supposed to mean.  The first one looked like it had something to do with Order 66, and another one featured bounty hunter, Embo.  A couple brief clips from the Clovis arc was also shown in the original season 5 trailer, but that arc was skipped in the final season.

The Yoda arc shown at another preview, my guess on what it's about is Yoda taking off to find himself a "safe haven" for when something like Order 66 happens.  And that place happens to be Dagobah - when Yoda says "the cage may already be around us", "Yoda's Theme" from Empire Strikes Back is cued in the soundtrack.  So that's my guess of what at least part of his mission is going to be.  Not the whole of the Yoda arc, but maybe in one episode of it.

Hurry up with those episodes, Filoni & crew!!  ;)